Who We Are

Ben “Neb” Girven

A bio on Ben and a photo to replace the vagus one. Ben Girven is the artist, and co-creator of Terra-Farmers. He enjoys drawing and is allergic to cats.

More of Ben’s work can be seen over at his website I Just ARTed.

John Myers

John Myers is the writer and co-creator of Terra-Farmers. Other comics he has written include The Vagus Street Project, and Era of Great Wonders, which he is currently working on with Jenn Myers. He has cats, but only because Jenn brought them home.

More of John’s work can be seen at his website Typo’d Mary.

Jenn Myers

Jenn Myers is helping out on Terra-Farmers whenever she can, but almost all the credit on Terra-Farmers goes to Ben and John. She drew a cover once for them, and helped try to put up a website, but other than that she’s sort of a third-wheel. She also has worked on the comics Vagus Street, All the Growing Things, and Era of Great Wonders as well. She wrote her own bio, so she gets to say that she likes cats, quite a bit.

More of Jenn’s stuff can be seen at her website Typo’d Mary.

About Terra-Farmers

Terra-Farmers is the story of Tameris Smythe, a young man whose family is made up of genetically engineered explorers who have taken on the responsibility of turning desolate planets into habitable homeworlds, while never building a home for themselves.