So Page 1… and we’re off!

The next 13 pages we put up are the ‘prequel’ story… essentially the setup for the premise, and to introduce you to a little bit of what we’re thinking about doing here.

John’s words, my pictures… put em’ in a blender… and this is what you get.

I hope you enjoy what we created, and stick around to check out the rest of the story, tell all your friends about how awesome we are… and if you feel so compelled, send us your life savings – just for being such swell guys!

Hey, and before I go any further, I would like to dish out some well deserved “thank you’s”!

First, I’d like to say Thank You to both John & Jenn Myers! You guys both inspire the heck outta me, and I’m truly excited to be working on this project with Typo’d Mary! You are both great, and a lot of fun to work with!!

Next up, Thanks to my wife, Wendi and my kids for being supportive of my ‘little problem’, and dealing with my irritable sleep-deprived self on a daily basis! I appreciate you guys more than I can say in words (maybe I should draw you a picture? Hmmm)

And thanks to all the folks at 7000BC for being a wonderfully supportive group of creatives, who always give that ‘gentle nudge’ to keep at it / stay in the game / keep moving forward!

I suppose that’s about it for me… time to step back to my place ‘behind the curtain’, and get back to work.

I hope you enjoy Terra-Farmers!! I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us!


Create to Live / Live to Love / Love to Create!