Has it been a week already since the last page went up? Wow! Time really flies!!!

I’m happy to say that I just saw/read the synopsis for the next few chapters of Terra-Farmers… and I can’t wait to see more!!! John has done an awesome job building a really dynamic world, with some really interesting characters, and ultimately a really compelling story so far, and now the challenge is on me to start to visualize that world for you!

We’re coming up on the holidays… and the full load of craziness that follows along.  The daylight is slipping away… and the temperatures are dropping. The change of season is here. Also, my ‘day job’ has moved to a new office, and my daily commute has effectively tripled… That, combined with some other factors has really taken a baseball bat to my creativity and energy levels as of late. And I’m sure that is one of the culprits that have lead to my ‘funk’. I’m working to drag myself out of this ‘funk’, and get back into production mode as soon as possible. My art table has been missing me.

Well, that’s enough whining from this art monkey… at least until next week.

Hope you all enjoy…